Medical Products and Solutions Provider

A Leader in Medical Equipment Supplies


Asterix United specialize in supplying a wide range of medical supplies. This range from medical to the entire range of fitness and rehab equipments. Asterix United believes in providing quality products at competitive prices with the shortest possible delivery time in the most efficient manner to our valuable customers. The range of products include:

Medical Equipment & Furniture

Today, Asterix United (B) Sdn Bhd has been widely acknowledged as the major supplier for medical equipment to hospitals and other healthcare environment. With a professional and knowledgeable sales team, they are able to provide cost effective and quality products that are sourced directly from international suppliers and manufacturers.

Consumable and disposables

Asterix United has ready supply of medical consumables in their inventory system. This is to ensure availability to our customers in a minimum response time, which is a relief for most emergency cases. Asterix United has a reputation in the market for speed of delivery and availability for most of the medical consumables and disposables on an ex-stock basis from their warehouse.

Rescue Equipment/ Medicine

Asterix United provides reliable and life-saving devices for emergency situations. They also provide teaching models with proven solutions for various situations. Our Rescue Equipment delivers accurate measure and evaluation of the patient which are particularly helpful to the healthcare provider. Asterix United provides training and support services that addresses the needs and requirements of our customers.

Physiotherapy/Orthopedic /Neuro

Asterix United also provide many new and modern medical equipment to Physio & Orthopedic Therapy Centres. This include Bio-Stimulation machine for the Medical Orthopedic Diagnostic Centre. We welcome any requests for specialized medical equipment that are needed in clinics or hospitals and we will assist you with solutions given by our international suppliers and manufacturers.

Fitness / Rehab Equipment

Asterix United supply a wide variety of fitness and rehab equipments that cater to our athletes from our National Sports Council, & Sports school. Some of these products are also used to enhance the performance of our soldiers in the Ministry of Defence. A lot of products are also supplied to health care centres such as spas, fitness and recreational facilities.


Asterix United supplies OTC and prescription medicine to hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical stores at very competitive prices throughout the nation. Asterix United gives special considerations for contracts to institutions that contributes to the welfare and development of the nation. If your institution fall within this category, please feel free to contact us for further details.

Biomedical / Analytical Instrument

Asterix United is in the business of providing solutions to solve customer’s problems and needs. This can range from supplying Biomedical Engineering equipment right up to the most sophisticated analytical instrument in the world.


Asterix United places emphasis on its people, whom it counted as its assets. The team at Asterix United are committed , loyal and vibrant with energy for new product lines and innovative technologies. They are very focused on the needs of their customers, never wavering from the objectives of giving quality products and value for money to the customers and end users.

Asterix United has invested much in its people, resources and training, so that their customers will benefit from a well trained, highly knowledgeable team and speedy delivery of solutions to your problems and needs. This is all done with principles of integrity, trust, honesty and reliability, all of which are key ingredients of a best practicing company.