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Asterix United (B) Sdn Bhd is the authorised exclusive distributor of many world class medical surgical, pharmaceutical equipment and consumable products in Brunei Darussalam. Locally owned, they followed closely the standards requirements and policies of the Brunei Government. They are in a position to advise and recommend the various products that are within the specifications of the various Ministries in Brunei Darussalam. They are reputed in the market place for ethics, honesty, integrity and reliability. When it comes to Life Saving products, they do not compromise quality with price.


About Asterix United (B) Sdn Bhd

Asterix Resources and Advantages

Asterix has a track record of more than 10 years experiences in both local and international markets which includes:


  • A well trained team of professionals who are experts in their own fields.

  • Proper Facilities For Storage of products for shelf life of products.

  • Systematic Process for ordering and tracking of product inventory.

  • Excellent record systems of customer’s needs and history of orders.

  • Excellent communication networking with suppliers and customer’s enquiries.


Because of their volume and negotiation power with suppliers, they are able to give you the best prices for your supplies.

Asterix Commitments To You


We are committed to give you continuous improvement in quality and value of services.


Continuous improvement in new and better products range and product features. This is always supported with the latest training and product knowledge.


We give you peace of mind when you order with Asterix, as our teams will work relentlessly to carry out your requirements.


We are committed to working with you closely, constantly monitoring your requirements, needs and problems in a timely manner and responding with viable, innovative solutions that can be communicated to and delivered from our global network of suppliers in the shortest possible time.